Michael B. Springer*

Christopher Day
July 15, 2017
Cody Marriott
August 2, 2017

Born and educated in the mid-West, Michael B. Springer graduated from Drake University in 1973, commenced Drake University Law School and transferred to the University of Tulsa for financial reasons, receiving his J.D. Degree from the University of Tulsa in 1976.

After graduation, with an U-Haul trailer attached, Mike drove to Reno, Nevada, thereupon seeking work. Mike went to work for John McCune, Esq., a longtime Reno lawyer representing primarily construction industry clients. Having worked his way through undergraduate and law school for numerous trades on numerous construction projects, Mike was a perfect fit, experience, having read plans, specifications and having been involved in numerous projects over the previous several years. Mike’s keen understanding of the physical work of a construction project coupled with John McCune as a mentor cemented a substantial foundation for Mike to represent construction-industry clients in all aspects of the industry from small electricians to multinational corporations.

Nevada’s expansion over the last 40 years has allowed Mike to represent clients in some of the largest private construction projects undertaken in the United States prosecuting claims based upon lost productivity, delays, disruptions, errors in or failure to follow plans and specifications. Mike has regularly been invited to speak at the University of Nevada – Reno Engineering School on topics of construction industry realities, claim basis, design errors and negligence.

Since 1977 Mike’s practice has and still continues to expand and includes general representation and trial practice in the fields of business organization, dissolution, accountings, commercial and all forms of civil litigation, real estate, and construction industry disputes including all characterizations of claims, labor disputes, NLRB representation, which experience includes jury and non-jury trials, more than 100 arbitrations, mediations and includes substantial appellate experience.

Mike’s major project involvement includes casino and resort construction from Las Vegas to Reno, as well as outside Nevada, airport expansion projects, highways, underground including waste water facilities and all aspects of structural construction from residential to high rise.

Mike is admitted to the State Bar of Nevada, Nevada Federal Courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Mike still involves himself in hands-on construction and automotive projects as a hobby, camping and his life’s passion, ocean sailing.

*of counsel